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How a Gay Black Man Became a Trump Supporter

This is dedicated to the young black man that called me a moron when he saw me in my Trump t-shirt

Let me start off by saying yes I am a gay Black Trump supporter. A proud one at that!

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”

-Martin Luther King Jr.  

My partner and I both share conservative views


The democrats shut down the government last Friday in a fight for the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens. Nancy Pelosi, the head democrat in the house of representative has said  ‘we will not leave without a DACA fix’.

She has said she will bring so-called ‘Dreamers’ to disrupt the President’s state of the union address. How are these illegal aliens thanking the democrats for all their hard work to keep them here even though they’re not supposed to be here in the first place?

Have a look at Nancy Pelosi try to ‘whitesplain’ to them and the reaction she gets back.


Can you believe what you just saw?

Illegal aliens shouting at the democratic head of the house of representatives that she is a ‘liar’ after all the work her and her party has done to nullify the rule of law in their favor?

It should be pretty obvious that I am no fan of Pelosi or anything she stands for but that level of disrespect to her face is unconscionable.

If I went to another country and shouted at its leaders that they are liars I would be called an ‘arrogant American’ by liberals and most likely deported from said country.

Yet these are the people that the democrats shut down the government to keep here. Ha!

When’s the last the last time the democrats have done that for Blacks?


It’s not  a secret that the Black incarceration rate is through the roof.  This is mostly due to, poverty, break down of the Black family structure, and lack of education.

By the early 2000s, prison time was a common life event for this group, and today more than two-thirds of African American male [high school] dropouts are expected to serve time in state or federal prison.

There are over 100,000  legal African American males  incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. Why is it that the democrats haven’t shut down the government to let those guys out but they will for ‘non violent’ Latino criminals? I’m referring to the ones that broke the law to come here.

Let us not forget that it was democratic president Bill Clinton that signed the so-called ‘tough on crime’ legislation that led to the mass incarceration of blacks.

Incarceration is a huge issue in the Black community. Almost every Black person in America has a family member that is or has been incarcerated.

In face 1.2 million or 11% of Black children have had a parent that’s been locked up at some point. To that’ a problem more worthwhile shutting down the government over than helping illegal aliens that shouldn’t be here in the first place!

Democratic policies lead in part to the  mass incarceration of Blacks

Now as an advocate of personal responsibility for the most part (like 95%) of those in jail have no one to blame but themselves. A democratic politician didn’t make them pick up that gun or put that stolen watch in their pocket.

That being said their policies have a strong hand in black incarceration.

Minimum wage hikes

Artificial wage increases are a great way to get democratic voters to the polls because like most liberal/democratic policies it promises something for nothing.

A government minimum wage hike basically says you get more money for nothing.  Not for increasing your skills and value to your employer, not because you’re a better employee, but because Uncle Sam says so and nothing else.

Lets face it. Humans of all races like something for nothing. The unions and democrats have capitalized on this fact to get votes no matter the cost.

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Liberals are often too smart to understand basic economic principles or use convoluted logic to explain them away.  To understand why minimum wage hikes hurt Blacks the most let me ask you a simple questions. Why are there less Farraris out there than Hondas? Hands down a Farrari is a better car and not to mention fun to drive!


I think we all know the answer to that of course. It’s because Farraris are significantly more expensive than Hondas. It’s a basic economic concept that the more expensive you make something the less of it people will buy. Duh right?

We can even see that in Seattle which now has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $15 an hour. Even the liberal Seattle times had to admit that:

The city’s escalating minimum wage has meant a slight increase in pay among workers earning up to $19 per hour, but the hours worked in such jobs have shrunk, a study commissioned by the city found. It estimates there would be 5,000 more such jobs without the Seattle law.

-Seattle Times 

Chances are good those 5000 displaced workers are dominated by Seattle’s Black and Latino residents.

Promoting labor unions

There’s little doubt that labor unions were the primary cause of the economic collapse of Detriot; one of America’s largest Black metropolises.

The city’s automobile industry has suffered from global competition and has moved much of the remaining production out of Detroit.Local crime rates are among the highest in the United Statesand vast areas of the city are in a state of severe urban decay. In 2013, Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history, which it successfully exited on December 10, 2014. However, poverty, crime, and urban blight in Detroit continue to be ongoing problems.

Wikipedia Decline of Detriot 

Basically anyone that can leave has left.

The unions formed automakers to pay artificially high wages, made it very difficult to fire non-productive employees, or layoff unneeded employees.

All of these factors made American automobiles noncompetitive in a global market. The Japanese were able to build cars that despite costing more were reliable and responsive to the desires of consumers (which in the 70’s and 80s was good fuel economy).

Promoting NAFTA

The Northern American Free Trade agreement signed by democratic president Bill Clinton was the final nail in the coffin for American manufacturing (which employed a disproportionate amount of Blacks compared to other industries).

This treaty allowed American companies to take advantage of cheap Mexican labor at the expense of the American worker of all colors.

Even the liberal Huff Post had to admit that NAFTA cost 1 million American jobs and lead to greater income inequality

Democrats give us Obama-phones Republicans give us Jobs

Now lets look at what republican states are doing in the south. While liberal Hollywood and its friends in the media love to paint a picture of the south as full of stupid hicks living in tailors subsidized by the liberal guilt of New York and California nothing could be further from the truth.


Despite the rhetoric the southeast which is politically dominated by pro-growth republicans is the epicenter of economic growth in the United States. Under republican pro-growth leadership Black unemployment is now the lowest its ever been in recorded history!

Talk is cheap folks!

An aside on California

I also wanted to take a moment to address California. Liberals will often point to California as proof that their pro-big government policies are the way to go. They will say California has enjoy massive economic growth therefore its proof their policies work.

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There’s no question that state is experienced good economic growth; but lets take a moment to dig deeper and look at what kind of growth they are actually getting.

The lion’s share of California’s economic growth is concentrated in it’s tech sector in silicon valley.  According to US News and world report less than 4% of jobs in STEM fields are filled by African Americans what’s more less than 1% of the Black population is qualified to do a tech job that requires a STEM bachelor’s degree or higher.

In fact 95% of all Californians as a whole are not qualified to do STEM jobs. That’s despite the state having one of the largest education budgets in the nation. 40% of the state’s money is to go to education. I suspect way too much of that money goes in the pockets of bureaucrats and high priced consultants.

California has to import thousands of Asian immigrants each year just to keep its tech sector going. Its gotten so bad that 42% of California’s STEM workforce is comprised of non-native residents!

The reality for the average native born Californian is a much worse picture than liberal activists would have us believe. The reality is despite their economic growth even the left of center Politifact had to admit that  California has the nation’s highest poverty rate with, just like in Seattle, most of the poverty being concentrated in Black and Latino communities.

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So why do so many Blacks vote against their own interests?

What liberals lack in sound economic policy they make up for in their dominance in the media. The liberal media has done everything it can to paint President Trump as a ‘racist’. Despite the fact that under his watch Black unemployment is the lowest its been in recorded history.

The liberal media at work

That’s not just a conservative talking point either. According to the Pew Research center media coverage of Trump has had more negative assessments than any other president in recent memory.

To be fair some of that is Trump’s fault with his incessent tweeting just giving the liberal media a longer and longer rope to string him with.


That being said there is no question the media has a distinct anti-Trump bias. CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s declaration on air that ‘the President is a racist’. Makes that more clear than anything.

Speaking of CNN lets go over some of lies CNN and others have told about our President.

      1. CNN reported that Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the oval office. – A complete lie
      2. CNN reported the Trump Jr. had received advanced notice from wiki-leaks about hacked DNC emails. -A complete lie
      3. ABC reported that former national security adviser Michael Flynn contacted the Russians during the presidential race at the instruction of the President.
      4. Several media outlets including disgraced former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg News reported the Robert Muller had subpoenaed Duetchebank for Trump’s financial records. -A complete lie
      5. CNN falsely reported that former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci had improper ties with the Russians. -A complete lie
      6. CNN ran a report stating that “Trump asks Japan to build cars in the U.S. It already does.” to make the President look like a fool. In fact Trump was actually congratulating Japanese automakers for expanding their operations in the US. -Highly misleading

    When the President supposedly referred to Haiti as a ‘shithole’ (it is) the CNN anchors went on TV like blubbering babies past their nap times.

  1. Really CNN? You’re supposed to be journalists for goodness sakes!Journalists have seen and heard much worse things like  people without their heads or having people die in their arms. You mean to tell me the President calling a shithole country a shithole is really enough to bring seasoned journalists to tears?Anyone that can’t see this isn’t contrived infotainment theater is so obtuse there’s no blog article that can’t fix them. Just to give some contrast here’s Walter Cronkite reporting that JFK had been shot.  Go to 1:13
  3. So CNN expects us to believe that a man reporting one of the greatest tradgedies in American history can keep himself together yet you burst into tears over the president calling Haiti a shithole?

    Our so-called black leaders back democrats

    Lets take a look at our so-called black leaders. We’ll start with one of Trump’s most vocal critics Maxine Waters.

    She is famous for her ‘impeach 45!’ chant and saying we should ‘take Trump out’. Top of the Line Survival Gear

    Lets take a look at her district. She represents the 37th district in California. One of the poorest districts in the state. It’s noteworthy that she herself doesn’t even live in her district. She lives in a 2.8 million dollar home somewhere else.

    The home of Maxine Waters

    Is is estimated that Maxine Waters and her husband have a networth of $1 million. It’s not just her either.

    Here’s another so-called Black leader Jessie Jackson . He has a net worth of $10 million and an ardent supporter of the democratic party










    Al Sharpton has a net worth of $5 million

    These people have supposedly been working tirelessly to enrich the the Black community when in reality the only thing that seems to have been enriched is their bank accounts.

    We blacks need to wake up

    As soon as we can wake up and realize that white racism isn’t the premier problem facing Black Americans today the sooner we can start making the own changes that need to happen in our communities to improve our communities.

    First, we need to get the black father back in the home. The number one indicator of child success is whether or not that child was raised in a two parent household.

    Second, we need to end welfare. Welfare is a recent phenomena yet now we’re expected to believe we can’t live without? Please…

    Third, realize that we are a strong people that doesn’t need white liberal guilt in order to survive!

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