This President Trump Commemorative Coin by Ape Survival is a celebration of the all the accomplishments President Trump has achieved during his first term in office. The liberal elite and their allies in the main stream media  ALL laughed at him. This Trump coin is the best physical symbol of his greatness and commitment to Make America Great Again!


Special Pricing Today

Dear Patriot,

We’re giving away these finely crafted Donald J. Trump commemorative coins in honor of the man that vowed to “Make America Great Again”.

Love him or hate him, Trump will go down in history as one of the most remembered Presidents the world has ever known.

Don’t pay full price for the silver plated TRUMP COMMEMORATIVE COIN. This limited edition collectors coin won’t be around much longer!  This coupon  will save you 100% off the normal price!

Great Vivid Colors

The Trump Commemorative Coin™

Silver Plated

Solid metal beautiful silver plated coin

Limited Edition

This is a limited edition Trump presidential coin

Happy Customers

Very well made. Colors are so vivid. A nice likeness of President Trump. I put it in my case with the Presidential buttons I received.

Latina 4 Trump

New York, NY

This is great. I gave mine to my wife as a b-day present. She said after the way people have been treating Trump supporters it’s the best birthday gift she’s ever received. I’m getting another one for my mother!


St. George, UT

It’s not easy being a Trump supporter where I live but I decided the time to hide is over! Got mine right b4 the 4th of july! America first! ordering another


victor garberl

San Francisco, CA

Donald Turmp

Against all odds Donald John Trump managed to beat a candidate that had double the budget and the backing of all the elites from the left & the right.

My mission

My mission is to stop the advancement of socialism in our great nation

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  • Trump Collectible Coin
  • Free (S&H not included)
  • Limited Edition