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How To Fight Back Against An Antifa Attack

In case you’re not aware Antifa stands for ‘anti fascists’. They’re a loosely organized group of far left wing activists around the world bent on silencing those who disagree with them using any means necessary.

 Rather than being condemned they have been embraced by many on the left including CNN’s Chris Cumo. If you’re going to be politically active you may run into them and you need to know what to do when that time comes.

Stay in Groups

Remember, antifa’s goal is to intimidate which is why they show up in groups. You should also be in a group. That will reduce your chances of losing a fight with them.

Unarmed Self Defense

If you are unarmed and facing multiple opponents it’s tougher but not impossible to win a fight. Just remember these two keys 1. Avoid the triangle 2. Never ever let a guy get behind you.

Let’s start with the triangle. A triangle is a bad shape to be in because you’ve got to deal with jabs, kicks, and grabs from both your left and your right. You want to move around so they can’t form a triangle. Making a line is much more fair and you can fight one at a time if they can’t come at you in a triangle.

Next is never ever let one of them get behind you. Your back is your most vulnerable area and you’re in deep trouble if you let a guy stay behind you for obvious reasons. You need to be constantly moving to make sure they can never be at your back.

Lead with the knee

Most guys when they begin a fight start off swinging-it’s instinct.  However, they’re expecting that. I recommend starting off by grabbing him by the back of the neck and introducing your knee to his belly. That will neutralize him for long enough to start working on the other guys. This video demonstrates what I’m talking about:

Armed Self Defense

For many protests you’ll be checked for weapons by the cops before you enter the protest zone. This means most weapons including a gun, would most likely be taken away. There are some things you can most likely get past them.  One is a credit card knife. It’s just what it sounds like it’s a knife but can fit into your wallet like a credit card. Another is a tactical pen.

I prefer the tactical pen over the credit card knife because there are so many uses for it and it doesn’t need any preparation to be ready. Even the bottom portion, the glass breaker, can crack a skull if need be. In an emergency situation you need something that you can whip out and is ready to go without any sort of assembly or manipulation.

Those aren’t the only two you can use though. There are all sorts of everyday carry (EDC) devices you can use.

The bottom line is this. Silence is acceptance. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be intimidated and silenced by those who wish to turn our country into Venezuela.


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  1. cincinnatus

    a note always refer to the fascist thugs as antifirstamendment, words are actually one of the weapons of the statists twisting the language affects thinking

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