Restaurant Prices Going Up, Hours Going Down, Jobs Being Cut Thanks to Higher Minimum Wage

Surely anyone who was paying attention in their high school economics class heard the teacher say the higher the cost of a product the lower the demand.

That basic economic postulate has, unfortunately, been lost on today’s politicians who are more interested in buying votes with other peoples’ money than actually helping their constituents.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why making something more expensive will cause people to buy less of it. It’s the same reason there are more Hondas than Rolls Royces on the road. Remember when gas hit $5 a gallon a few years back? Even with something most Americans must have people found ways to mitigate that expense. Public transportation use skyrocketed as did people riding their bikes to work. Artificially increasing the cost of labor will cause those who must purchase the labor to find ways to mitigate those costs as well.

Former McDonalds CEO and President Ed Rensi blames the Fight for $15 movement for the installation of automated ordering kiosks at the chain’s restaurants nationwide

Liberals are too smart to understand that touting nonsense theories like, people with more money will buy more, or restaurant owners will just suck it.

Well, it seems common sense has prevailed once again. A survey of restaurant owners from Harri, a workplace software management company, stated that twenty-three percent responded to minimum wage hikes by doing nothing.

But the majority did. The most popular response — from 71% of operators — was to raise menu prices. Nearly half reworked their food and beverage options to reduce costs.

Some operators responded to the minimum wage increases by cutting costs, with 64% saying they reduced employee hours, and 43 percent saying they eliminated jobs.

This particular survey didn’t mention it, but the truth is minimum wage increases hurt black and other traditionally disenfranchised workers the most. Read my article on that.

The fight for 15 is a fight to stay in the unemployment line.

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Why Do Unions Fight to Hurt Workers?

Estimates are that labor unions have spent $70 Million in the Fight for $15 campaign. It is well documented that most of the Fight for 15 protesters are paid attendees.

But why?

Unions have also historically supported minimum wage increases because it reduces or even eliminates the main selling point of non-unionized labor, namely the fact that it is cheaper. By making non-unionized labor more expensive with minimum wage hikes, unionized labor becomes comparatively more attractive. This dynamic is amplified when unions demand exemptions from minimum wage increases. There are even instances in which union employees are earning less than their non-unionized counterparts.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Sheraton Universal Hotel employees, which are unionized, were paid California’s minimum wage of $10, but at the Hilton Hotel across the street non-unionized employees made $15.37 under the city’s hotel minimum wage law. But so long as they’re paying dues that’s all the unions care about.

Another reason is that many of their contracts are directly tied to the minimum wage. For example an UNITE contract that covered workers in  Pennsylvania, Ohio, and South Jersey said the following: “Whenever the federal legal minimum wage is increased, minimum wage [in the agreement] shall be increased so that each will be at least fifteen (15%) percent higher than such legal minimum wage.”

As you can see, this is just a game between union bosses with a deck that’s stacked against workers.

The Hidden Truth About Omarosa

We all know fired whitehouse aid Omarosa Manigault-Newman has decided to take revenge out on the man who gave her a job when no else would with this tell-all book blasting the President and his staff.

Now it’s time to put Omarosa on blast. The truth is that Omarosa has a precarious relationship with the truth and is prone to exaggeration and fights.

The Lies

Several times she has said she did logistics for Vice President Al Gore but she did no such thing. According to People Magazine her job was to ‘respond to invitations” sent to the VP. . According to Al Gore’s office administrator Mary Overbey Omarosa “was the worst hire we ever made”.  Keep in mind this was an entry level position where she answered invitations sent to Gore. Overbey  It goes without saying she didn’t last long. Overbey continues but saying that Omarosa had 13 months of of unanswered correspondence under her desk.

It didn’t stop there after she was forced out of Al Gore’s office Omarosa was transferred to a job as deputy associate director of presidential personnel. After that, eight months later, she was again moved. This time to the Commerce Department.  Omarosa she said did great at her job but her superior disagrees.  Cheryl Shavers, then the agency’s under secretary for technology administration, disagreed, saying Omarosa “was unqualified and disruptive,” so “I had her removed.”

Omarosa has claimed that she was a professor at Howard University, however, according to the university she was merely a “Presenter”.

On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Omarosa accused fellow Apprentice cast-mate Ereka Vetrini of calling her the “n-word”. Shortly after that appearance, Omarosa failed to show up for a scheduled appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show after she reportedly objected upon seeing a polygraph machine.


Her Disruptive Behavior

All this time I always thought her attitude was for the cameras but apparently this is who she really is. According to Cheryl Shavers by the time she left the Commerce Department "One woman wanted to slug her,"

Another official at the Commerce Department simply said "she couldn’t get along with people.”

During the apprentice she was almost universally despised by her fellow cast-mates. She accused one of her teammates as 'racist' for using the phrase 'That's like the pot calling the kettle black".

You can watch her disruptive behavior here.

Omarosa Blocked Other Blacks

While promising to be the voice of African Americans Omarosa in fact did everything she could to make sure she was the only Black woman in the white house. She constantly talks about how the Trump administration didn't hire Blacks when she's part of the reason for that!

Ayshia Connors, the former deputy director of African American engagement at the Republican National Committee, alleges there were thousands of resumes submitted by Black Republicans but “Omarosa literally trashed those names. Nobody got a call back. Nobody got an interview. Nobody was every heard about again. People tried to go in. People were eager and willing to serve the President, willing to serve our country. But Omarosa, she didn’t want other Black Republicans there. She wanted to be the big shot. She wanted to be the only one.

The Atlanta Voice

It is well known amongst Black conservatives that Omarosa was not our friend and is a self serving hypocrite that will say or do anything so long as she feels it will help her.

Selling Her Body

Piers Morgan claims that Omarosa propositioned him for sex to help her win the Celebrity Apprentice.  "Omarosa sidled up to me at the New York Mercantile Exchange and said, quite seriously: 'Piers, do you want a showmance?' 'A what?' I replied. 'A showmance. You know, a romance on the show—we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it,'". E!

Morgan claims he turned her down and that she didn't take it very well openly questioning his sexuality ever since. It's interesting to note if a guy had done that to a woman his career prospects would've been over.


Given her checkered work history and long path of lies is it any surprise she secretly recorded people and knew she probably wouldn't last long at the white house? The president gave her a job earning $150,000 of tax payer money for doing nothing except keep her attitude in check AND SHE COULDN'T EVEN DO THAT!  From lying, to pissing people off, to offering her body Omarosa is far from classy and totally unbelievable.



Here’s Why Minorities Should Be Conservatives

Why Blacks, Latinos, and Gays Should be Conservatives

As those of you who read this blog already know I am not just a conservative but I’m a gay black conservative. I’ve written another article about it if you want to read about why I voted for President Trump. The purpose of this article is to explain why my fellow peoples of color and sexual orientations should join me.

Blacks are poor

Blacks are poor. Despite decades of liberal policies, 28% of blacks live below the poverty line compared to only 10% of whites, 12% of Asians, and 25% of Hispanics.

The black unemployment rate remains near double that of whites.  This according to business insider. The next question is, is that the liberals fault and if so how?  For this we will look at California the nation’s liberal Vatican. Conservatives essentially have no voice in this state and haven’t for the last 20-30 years.

Well in the Golden State the white median household  net worth is $240,000 while it is just 34k for Blacks. Educationally the achievement gap for Blacks versus other groups is not only astonishingly bad it’s just sad.

The LA Times reports the English achievement gap between Blacks and Asians was 44% and in math, it was a whopping 53%. I found the English achievement gap the most disturbing since most Asians are descendants of 1st or 2nd generation immigrants from non-English speaking countries.

Latinos are poor

Latinos I’m afraid you guys aren’t doing much better. 60.7% of Latino household virtually no savings and are considered liquid asset poor. That’s compared to only 28% of white households.

Nearly 30% of Latino households live in poverty. Latino test scores in math declined by nearly 50% and also suffer from high educational achievement gaps. Oh, and 25% of Latinos live in poverty nationwide.

 Gays are poor

Despite the media trope as portraying gay men as these rich titans, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The liberal think tank The Williams Institute Institute report California-LGBT Divide stated that even though the left coast has the greatest protections for LGB peoples 30% have an income of below 24k per year.

Gays are also twice as likely to abuse alcohol and illicit drugs and 3 times more likely to suffer from depression.

In the south where acceptance is the least, it’s 33% this despite a difference of 13 point gap in the Law and Social climate index between the two regions.

Why don’t the gaps correlate more closely?  Maybe because economic freedom is more effective at reducing poverty than more laws and regulations?

Black and Latino gays are really f*cking poor

In California, 19% of white LGBT individuals report an income of less than 24k while 30%-36% of Black and Latino LGBTs do.

“Government isn’t the solution to our problem government is the problem”

All this despite the fact that California has some of the nation’s highest tax rates and highest government spending growth in the nation. The liberal Huffington Post released a report called The Worst States for Black Americans.

Almost all of them were blue or purple states.  Contrast that to what Forbes Magazine found:  Today, [The South] has emerged, in many ways, as the new promised land for African-Americans.”  The best states for Blacks are conservative run states.

When the free market is allowed to flourish the rising tide lifts all boats regardless of race or sexual preference. Liberals have tried and failed to solve the poverty crises amongst minorities for years through victimhood and larger and larger government.

It failed.

Black conservatives are right, Latino conservatives are right, gay conservatives are right. Liberals are wrong.

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