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5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Win 40 States in 2020

If you listen to the mainstream media you might think the President’s days are numbered. There are some things that don’t look good with the Russia probe and Michael Flynn but in reality, those things will resolve themselves and our President’s accomplishments will shine through!

1. The Russia Probe will Fizzle Out

To date, there hasn’t been a single shred of evidence that the President illegally colluded with the Russians to win the election. The left and its cronies just can’t accept that the American people don’t want a third term of Obama. Obama said himself that people that voted for him twice voted for Trump and he doesn’t get it. That’s exactly right. The elites just don’t get it and they never will.

2. His Support Amongst Minorities is Rising

Poll after poll has shown that the President’s support amongst Black voters is rising substantially. A Rasmussen poll in August indicated that Black support for Trump reached record levels! African Americans are beginning to realize that their so-called leaders are really only interested in one thing; padding their own bank accounts!

Remember when Hillary Clinton was counting on the so-called ‘Latino surge’ to push her over the edge in 2016? Unfortunately for her that never materialized. Real Clear Politics reported that support for President Trump is rising amongst Latinos as well. This is very significant because Latinos constitute up to 30% of the electorate in many voting blocks!

The Asian community is also benefiting greatly from the President’s policies. His pro-growth policies have caused Asian unemployment to drop to record levels.  As The Washington Examiner put it: “Asians are winning big under Trump”.

3. Finally, America is First!

Past conservative presidents have given mere lip service to America’s greatness while supporting unfair trade policies that hurt the American worker. No more! President Trump has stood up to the elite and is working to reverse policies that benefit the elite but hurt honest everyday workers like you and me!

He’s punished countries that don’t play fair and made deals with those who are willing to play nice with us. Before we allowed China to steal our intellectual property and undercut our workers by devaluing their currency. Donald Trump is the first president with the balls to finally say; no!

4. Trump Has an Unshakeable Base of Steel (and Teflon)

The elites of both parties and their cronies in the mainstream media have done everything they can to discredit President Trump. The man can’t even walk to the 9/11 memorial without being criticized.  It’s no surprise then that media coverage of the President is 90% negative.

They hoped their constant negative coverage of him would shake his base and cause them to cower. They’ve tried constantly bombarding us with negative coverage, they’ve tried humiliating us by denying us service at their restaurants, they’ve even tried attacking us physically but we will never yield!

5. Reduction in Government

President Trump has cut more regulations than any other president in history at the same point in his administration. From job-killing environmental extremist rules to unfair rules that put male students at an extreme disadvantage if he’s accused of sexual assault at our universities. Trump is not a friend of big government which only serves to fulfill its own selfish desire to grow.

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6. Restored the Judicial System to It’s Proper Role

Did you know the constitution doesn’t give the Supreme Court system any enforcement power whatsoever? Its decisions are enforced through the grace of the executive branch and there’s a very good reason for that. The founding fathers realized that having men (& women) in a lifetime position is very corrupting and very dangerous. Those on the left would have unelected judges make law while ignoring the inherent danger in doing so just to advance their agenda. With the successful appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court the judiciary will return to it’s proper function of interpreting law rather than making it for generations to come!

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  1. Danny Gramenz

    I am so sick of both sides being petty and out for themselves, selling us out at every chance they get. Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air and I pray he sets a precedent that a career politician is never elected in this country again for anything. I hope he has ended the politicians reign of this country.

  2. Nancy

    I agree with your 5 points. I am a registered Independent, but voted for President Trump. I will vote Republican in November. I see the crowds that are going to the Rally’s, and it is very encouraging. I just don’t have the confidence in the people like you do. I love POTUS, and want him to keep winning for us. I just think the American people don’t get it, and I do believe that even if he gets 40 States they may not be the right ones for a definite win with more votes than his opponent. Electoral college is one thing, but if we don’t get the majority vote Libs will REALLY freak out.


    I pray every day for Conservatism to win out and a revival to come to our country.! It’s time to stop tilting so for left we are close to tipping over! The Silent Majority finally being heard! No matter how we are all registered, the values are the same! Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness! My Dad (whom I’m burying this Saturday) fought for it in WW2 and my son is Active Duty Army Infantry to fight for those very things…. including the confused and depraved who are burning our flag. I am proud of our Commander in Chief and all the great leaders he has surrounding him.

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